Wet, fierce and wet, heavy and loud,
A voyeur of the orgy of light and sound,
Dance and embrace across the bed of grey,
Pour their mineral passion for those who dare to stay,
A voyeur of the orgy of rain and cloud, 
Witness as nimbus embraces wind,
And wind caresses rain tightly in its bind,
And the roar of thunder rises to say,
The sky has made love to the storm today


On field of red and white, shimmer of  Blue pierce the light,
With colour of cold,  never growing old,
Comes hope for the future, a dare to be bold,
Stand alone 'gainst the fall, Blue Rose to be seen by all

Rare and beauty, the dying breath of White,
That gives Blue Rose, first breath of life,
Unlike Red, fiery and hot,
Blue is calm, like water in a pot,

High on throne, of man king and god,
Sits Blue Rose, chosen by all,
Imperfect by nature, yet it is,
Blue Rose, fairest of the land.



I build, I work tirelessly day and night,
With my tools by my side, I build to block everything from sight,
Concrete reinforced with steel, grey and bleak they seem,
These walls are the force of my will, they serve to hide my dream,

But these walls I build, never seem to be strong enough,
Cause as soon as I set the last brick, I hear a voice laugh,
"These walls are not so tough,"  With a touch my walls fall to the dust,
I am left clutching at the debree, asking for someone to save me,

I rise again with tools in my hand, wipe the tears and look firm,
"I will build again from the ground, despite my aching arm"
Concrete reinforced with steel, grey and bleak they seem,
I build again my walls, to hide my dream

Forgive Me

Forgive me,
For the things I have done, For the things I will do,
Forgive me,
For the lies I told myself, For the lies I told you,
Forgive me,
For every time I saw you I lusted for you, For every time I saw you, I saw
you as a lesser person.

I wish 
I wish I could turn back the clock to the very second my words,
my actions, my transgressions brought you nothing but sorrow.
But I can't. It eats me inside. Everyday to have to live with the look of
distrust in your eyes. To watch you form scars in your soul from the blades
of my words.

I cry.
I cry knowing I have lost more than I could ever hope to gain when I harmed
you with my ways. 
I cry
I cry knowing that I ruined the diamond of our friendship, just for the coal
of greed.
I have no justification for my actions, only a weak and heavy heart.
On the verge of destruction.
Crying out to you.



Remember Love

I dedicate this to Tekla Mutindi, who reminded me, what I shouldn’t have forgotten.


Remember, amidst, the pain, the suffering, the torment, remember. When those that around you exude nothing but hate, remember. When those you hold dear let you down, remember. When those you place your trust upon break it, remember. When you the love of your life, slowly fades into the distance with another. When you grow weary and lose your reason to live. When you look to the sky for an answer but all you see is rain. When the weight placed upon your shoulders feels to heavy to bear. When the tears in your eyes feel too painful to fight back, remember.

Remember the peace that comes after the storm. Remember the rainbow that shines after the hurricane. Remember the fire that once burned inside you. Remember the angels that call out your name in honour and glory. Remember those that smile for you. Remember those that laugh with you. Remember those that cry with you. Remember, remember. Remember the strength that lies within you. To fight , to survive , to thrive. Remember those that look up to you. Remember those you look up to.

I call out to you. From your darkness, I cry to you. Remember me.





I Must Speak

Hello, can you hear me? Or have you drowned my voice in the noise of the world. We have not talked in a while.  I am saddened by what you have become. There were times when talked constantly, but now you never seem to have time for me. I see the dark path you tread and it occurred to me, I must intervene.

Why? Why have you lost your humanity? Is it because you have had enough of kindness? Did you run out of love? Is your heart that shallow that it cannot withstand the test of time? Why? Why did you go out and hurt those I told you not to? Why did you play with their emotions knowing full well I forbid you to? Why? I demand an answer! Are you happy? Are you happy that you are the villain in their story? Does it please you? Does it please you to know that because of you they lost all hope in life? Did I teach you nothing? Is this what has become of you? A shell of your former self. An empty hollow void that enjoys inflicting pain on those that draw near you. That hungers for the sound of breaking hearts. That rejoices at the sight of tears. I cannot…I cannot hold it in any longer. I must speak.

Yes, it is I. Your conscious. I know you dread my voice. I know you shiver at my words. Because you know they are like salt to a wound. I know you locked me away in the caverns of your mind. But I have returned. And as loud as thunder roars in the sky, I must shout. I must scream.